11 Ways Large Dogs Are The World’s Biggest Softies

Ron Swanson said it best: any dog under fifty pounds is a cat, and cats are pointless. If you’re looking for a dependable companion, then your answer is a large dog: no animal on earth has been bred with the same degree of loyalty and heart-warming temperament as these huge softies. And as long as you’re their owner, they’ll make sure to remind you of it every single day.

#1. They’re a little shy.

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They can’t help it. Sometimes it seems like they’re still accustomed to being the size of a puppy — and then they realize just how big and patsy they can be. Uh-oh…

#2. They’re basically teddy bears.

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You’d think something like a St. Bernard, Rottweiler or a Mastiff would be fierce and powerful, tall in stature and pride. But in reality, they really just want to eat, sleep, and cuddle all the time.

#3. Their number one priority is you. Their number two priority is sleep.

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With great size comes great exhaustion, and that means lots and lots of sleep. In all places. And in all positions. Anytime, anywhere. Unless you’re the proud owner of a Border Collie or an energetic Lab pup, chances are your pooch is either busy eating, watching the road, or sleeping within your immediate vicinity.

#4. They’re fiercely loyal.


No danger comes between you and your dog. Large dogs live to make sure you do — even if that means protecting you from the mailman and his dangerous, incredibly lethal packages.

#5. They’re okay with being living pillows.


Anything to make you happy. Even if that means surrendering themselves and their luscious fur to the whims of your cuddling needs. Seriously, it’s like putting your head on a fluffy, warm, beating cloud.

#6. They make the best family pets.

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Cats will lie on your laptop as you try to type, while dogs will wait by the bus stop for you to come back from school. They’ll jump up and wag their tail whenever they see you grab your walking shoes, and they’ll kiss you happily whenever you bring them food and water.

#7. Large dogs make better hugging partners.

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It’s basic physics — they’re big, they’re warm, and they’re soft. They were made to be cuddled. And guess what — they want to be cuddled. No matter whether you’re the owner of a black Doberman, or a chocolate Poodle — when they’re looking at you with those big, shiny eyes, you know they know they’re about to get a hug attack.

#8. And they’re literally softies. Look at that fur.


No seriously, look at it. It’s absolutely magical. And for the owners of short-haired dogs, don’t deny how incredibly smooth a shiny, well-groomed coat can be.

#9. They’re always there for you.


In your darkest moments, and your happiest times — through thick and thin — they’re always there for you, comforting you and keeping you company no matter what. And when you’re feeling far too depressed to talk to anyone, they’re there to give you a silent hug and remind you that you’ve always got them in your corner.

#10. They’ve got the biggest hearts.


Literally. Big dogs come with big hearts — and that’s both beautiful and sad. Most large dogs don’t live very long, but what they lack in longevity, they make up for in love. They don’t need much — just a little attention, some water, food and shelter — but in exchange they give a lot.

#11. They know how the make the most out of their lives. For you.


They’ll make a mess. They’ll act out a little. They’ll be a pain for the first few months of their life. But in the end, they make the biggest impact. And no matter how ferocious your neighbors and friends think your Boxer, Pitbull or Doberman is, you know in your heart that she’s just a big softie who wants nothing more than to be your pooch forever.