Woman Who Lost 200 Pounds Says It Ruined Her Love Life

Though her health has improved greatly, she says that losing 200 pounds ruined her relationships.

Hannah Hails, 42, used to weigh in at 462 pounds two years ago. When she got her gastric bypass surgery, she lost 200 pounds. But she didn’t think it would ruin her love life.


Her rapid weight loss left her with excess skin. During her weight loss journey, her husband of 22 years divorced her. So she went on the dating app, Tinder, to find love.

But after matching several men on the app, they rejected her when they found out she about her excess skin.


She wanted to be honest with them so she sent them a picture of her scantily clad body showing off her loose skin.

She had met several men on Tinder, including a handsome bachelor in London. After chatting with him for 10 days, she sent her a picture of her sagging skin, but he too ended up cutting off all communication with her.

“They would just go cold,” she says. “I’m just glad they rejected me on the app. I just really, really couldn’t deal with that rejection face-to-face. It would be mortifying.”


Now, Hannah has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise $33,000 to help her with tightening the skin around her stomach, arms, breasts, and lower body. She’s raised over $300 dollars.

“Right now I just feel completely unloveable,” she says. “I just want to get to a point where I have the confidence to be intimate with someone again.”