25 Must-See Diagrams That Will Make Cooking Super Easy

1. Make your own vinaigrette.


Do this instead of buying it bottled — it’s healthier AND tastier (and very easy to make!)

2. Missing an ingredient? Use these substitutions.

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3. A simple trick to finding out how well your meat is done.

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If you need help on how to cook it right too, check this out.

4. How to spice things up like a pro.


5. Know the right seasonal fruit and veg to use.

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6. Confused about Metric conversions? Use this.



7. The different stages of boiling eggs.


8. Use these volumetric conversions and never bother with the maths again.

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9. For cooking with and maintaining a cast iron skillet.

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Cast iron skillets are great because they stay very hot and cook your food evenly. Learn everything you need to know about using a cast iron skillet here.

10. Are you using your kitchen appliance right? Use this to check.

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11. How to marinate meat to make it tender and delicious.

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12. Use the right oil with this handy guide.

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13. If you ever cook something too spicy, keep calm, and use the guide below.


14. Become an expert in meat and make your butcher proud.

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This is particularly useful as your trips to the butcher will be pretty straightforward since you’ll know exactly what you need.

15. Become a blademaster… for culinary purposes.


16. Know when to use the right onion.

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Onions are not all made equal. The above graphic will show you which onions work best for the different dish types.

17. Going vegan? This will help.


You can substitute eggs for a wide variety of foods. You just have to experiement and see what works best. Use this for more.

18. Hosting a party? This will help you get the quantities right.


19. How to cook your grains perfectly.


20. How to make a sourdough starter.


21. Your very own veggie cooking cheat sheet.


22. Learn how to fillet your own fish.

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23. Love pasta? Then you’re going to love this.

Full-sized version here!

24. Perfect your chocolate chip cookies.


Learn how to make cookies the way you’ve always wanted to make them.

25. How to grill anything.

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