40 Rare Historical Photographs You Must See

#1. The Man That Refused To Give The Nazi Salute, 1936


#2. Nikola Tesla In His Laboratory, Sitting Behind His “Magnifying Transmitter”


#3. The Graves Of A Catholic Woman And Her Protestant Husband Seperated By A Wall, Holland, 1888.


#4. Austrian Boy’s Moment Of Pure Happiness After Receiving New Shoes During WWII

Gerald Waller

#5. Race Organizers Attempt To Stop Kathrine Switzer From Competing In The Boston Marathon. She Became The First Woman To Finish The Race, 1967

#6. The Unbroken Seal On Tutankhamun’s Tomb, 1922 (3,245 Years Untouched)

#7. Painting The Eiffel Tower, 1932


#8. Unknown Soldier In Vietnam, 1965

Horst Faas

#9. First Morning After Sweden Changed From Driving On The Left Side To Driving On The Right, 1967

Jan Collsiöö

#10. Animals Being Used As Part Of Medical Therapy, 1956

Francis Miller

#11. The Kiss Of Life – A Utility Worker Giving Mouth-to-mouth To Co-worker After He Contacted A High Voltage Wire, 1967


#12. Annette Kellerman Promotes Women’s Right To Wear A Fitted One-piece Bathing Suit, 1907. She Was Arrested For Indecency.


#13. Grotto In An Iceberg, Photographed During The British Antarctic Expedition, 5 Jan 1911.

Herbert Ponting

#14. 106-year-old Armenian Woman Guards Home, 1990

United Nations

#15. Albert Einstein, Summer 1939 Nassau Point, Long Island, Ny


#16. Painter Of The Brooklyn Bridge,1914

#17. The Last Known Photo Of The Titanic Above Water, 1912


#18. Disneyland Employee Cafeteria In 1961


#19. Massive Crowds Gather For The First Woodstock, 1969

#20. The Real Winnie The Pooh And Christopher Robin, 1927


#21. Women Delivering Ice, 1918


#22. Hannah Stilley, Born 1746, Photographed In 1840. Probably The Earliest Born Individual Captured On Film


#23. The Beatles Play For 18 People In The Aldershot Club, December 1961. They Were To Become Superstars In One And A Half Year.

#24. The First Ever Underground Train Journey, Edgware Road Station, London, 1862

James Morley

#25. Customers At A London Music Store, 1955

#26. Woman With A Gas-resistant Pram, England, 1938


#27. Elvis In The Army, 1958


#28. Baby Cages Used To Ensure That Children Get Enough Sunlight And Fresh Air When Living In An Apartment Building, 1937


#29. Measuring Bathing Suits, If They Were Too Short, Women Would Be Fined, 1920’s


#30 Salvador Dali Kisses The Hand Of Raquel Welch After Finishing His Famous Portrait Of Her, 1965

#31. Little Girl With Her Doll Sitting In The Ruins Of Her Bombed Home, London, 1940

#32. Georges Blind, A Member Of The French Resistance, Smiling At A German Firing Squad, 1944

#33. “wait For Me Daddy,” By Claude P. Dettloff In New Westminster, Canada, October 1, 1940

#34. Sailor Kissing Nurse, Times Square, August 14, 1945

#35. Audrey Hepburn Shopping With Her Pet Deer “ip” In Beverly Hills, Ca, 1958

#36. Three Men Run In The Marathon At The First Modern Olympic Games, 1896

#37. Newspaper Boy Ned Parfett Sells Copies Of The Evening Paper Bearing News Of Titanic’s Sinking The Night Before, April 16, 1912

#38. Coca-Cola Comes To France, 1950

#39. Mother Hides Her Face In Shame After Putting Her Children Up For Sale, Chicago, 1948

#40. Norway Receive Their First Ever Shipment Of Bananas,1905

(h/t: boredpanda)


  1. Классно,интересно.

  2. Thanks Maura…..i enjoyed each image very much…..J

  3. Fantastic collection…its a different feelings to see these photos..

  4. Number 8 is no longer the unknown soldier he was identified as Larry Wayne Chaffin from St louis .

  5. The cages for the kids that lived in apartments wow lol

  6. Such history. 39 breaks my heart the two older siblings are comforting the younger ones.

  7. I hope you know that history is not limited to Europe and America. The rest of the world have had their share of significant events captured on camera. Either include them or be more specific in your title. Say historical moments from Europe and America. Basic editing rule.

    • Maybe you need to take that on a mission Riddhi. There’s no need to criticize the subject matter of one’s work.

    • Gary Nelson whats the point of this post and the website paying the author if I have to do his/her job for them?
      Also thanks for not standing up for inclusivity.

    • Brendan Beckett Really dude? So basically you are suggesting when you say ‘history’ in general in the title it isn’t bad editing?
      Good for you.

    • Obviously the target audience is Europe/Canada/America. As much as we all appreciate “fairness” and “inclusivity” sometimes it is necessary to FOCUS, in this case, on Western Culture.

  8. It strikes me that in #5 it looks like the race organizers are trying to protect Kathrine Switzer from being harrassed…and not trying to stop her from running. I would think that the 6 race organizers standing around her could have stopped her if that’s what they were indeed trying to do, and if this photo’s caption is true.

    • There’s only one official in the photograph and that’s the man in the jacket and pants trying to grab her, to pull her off the course. That’s her boyfriend pushing him aside and she was running as part of an athletic’s club entry so the other runners from the club were also “running interference” to prevent her being removed from the course.

    • Heather Harvey I don’t think that one guy behind her is an official. I think he’s just a disgruntled dinosaur who snuck on to the course. I see organizers in the background running to toward her though. I think this is yet another example (as they do today) of the media trying to sensationalize an event to sell more newspapers.

  9. thank you for your great pictures,i even got my husband to look at them with me.

  10. Picture #1 – there’s another man not saluting in the bottom right corner.

  11. #34, the kiss of the sailor with a woman at the end of the war, was an assault.

    • Everything in that interview confirms that it was assault. A man grabbed a hold of her and kissed her with absolutely no regard for her consent. That’s assault. It doesn’t matter that she laughs when she looks back, it doesn’t matter that he was excited about the end of the war, it doesn’t matter that that’s what all of the men were doing. There’s never any excuse for anyone doing anything like that.

    • Joe Stormer Bullshit! that picture was transformed into a statue outside the Caen WW2 memorial in France the French people still leave flowers on it to this day. I visited it recently – a very moving experience.

    • Steven Clement because the woman in the picture, whose name is Greta Zimmer didn’t consent, didn’t want to be kissed was simply grabbed and forced to endure the kiss of a stranger. Look at the way he’s holding her. Look at her body. The story is in the picture and it’s an ugly one.

  12. History in photographs.. Well preserved to date… Immensely informative… Some very touching n sad..!!

  13. The picture of Einstein, is that real? Why is he wearing like a lady’s open sandals?

  14. Totally enjoyed looking back at the past, amazing..how times have changed…

  15. Shows how old we are when we understand and remember most of the times!