United Airlines Accidentally Flies Kansas Family’s Dog To Japan

On Tuesday, it was reported that a puppy named Kokito died on a United Airline flight.

The 10-month-old’s owners were forced by a flight attendant to stow the dog away in the overhead compartment. United has claimed full responsibility and is looking into the incident.

Now, another family who flew with United is without their beloved dog.


Former Oregon residents, The Swindle family, were aboard a United Airlines flight on Tuesday to Wichita, Kansas.

Their dog, a German shepherd named Irgo, was supposedly on the same flight in a kennel in cargo hold.


When the family landed in Kansas and went to fetch their dog, Irgo was nowhere to found. Instead, a different dog was awaiting them.

On a stopover connection, Irgo had apparently been mistakenly placed on an international flight to Japan.


According to KCTV5 News, the airline was able to locate Irgo at the Japanese airport, but his return to the States is still uncertain.


Irgo has reportedly seen a vet there, but he may still need to be quarantined for two weeks before he can come home.


United Airlines has since apologized for their mistake, promising that they will return Irgo as soon as possible.