A Blind Man Finally Met Mickey Mouse At Disney World. When He Realized What The Character Had Done For Him, He Couldn’t Stop Crying.

21-year-old Basilio Santana recently traveled to Orlando, Florida with his mom and some friends, all the way from Brazil.


They visited Disney World and Basilio finally got to meet one of his favorite characters, the Disney king himself, Mickey Mouse.


Basilio is blind and lost his sight when he was just 9 years old due to Devic’s disease, a medical condition similar to multiple sclerosis.


Basilio’s first time meeting Mickey was anything but ordinary. The friendly mouse had even learned some basic Portugese just for the occasion and let Basilio touch his face to meet the Disney character.

The special moment was captured on video by one of Basilio’s friends, Nataly Pacifico White. The video was uploaded last October 16 and has had over 1.5 million views since.

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