Widows Can Now Keep Loved Ones Close With Vibrator Filled With Ashes

Losing a loved one can be tough in so many ways, but this invention means that at least in the intimacy department, things can keep on going.

Mark Sturkenboom

Conveniently named “21 Grams” for its ability to hold just the right amount of ashes, the sex toy was created by Mark Sturkenboom, a Dutch designer with a soft spot for grief-stricken widows.

Mark Sturkenboom

It’s guaranteed to satisfy the loneliest of souls.

The innovative creation even comes with a handy little kit — perfectly equipped for all your nostalgic desires for romance and intimacy.

Mark Sturkenboom

And it’s filled with special little touches: “In the back of the cabinet there is room for an iPhone, the music plays through the flowers on the inside of the cabinet,” Sturkenboom says.

“The key to this cabinet is also a golden collier. So that she is the only one who can access the cabinet.”

Mark Sturkenboom

“By bringing different nostalgic moments together like the scent of his perfume, ‘their’ music, reviving the moment he gave her first ring opens a window to go back to moments of love and intimacy.”

To purchase this for yourself or someone who is missing their husband immensely, visit Sturkenboom’s website.

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