Biden Says 90% Of Adults Will Be Eligible For Vaccine In Three Weeks

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden announced that 90% of adults would be eligible to get a coronavirus vaccine within the next three weeks. Moreover, the vaccination site will be within five miles of where they live.

“For the vast, vast majority of adults, you won’t have to wait until May 1. You’ll be eligible for your shot on April 19,” Biden said.

The President added that his administration will increase the number of pharmacies in the federal pharmacy vaccination program from the current 17,000 locations to 40,000.

Biden also announced a record 33 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines would be made available to vaccination sites this week. 

However, Biden stressed that the country’s battle against Covid-19 is “far from won” as cases are once again on the rise, calling on every governor, mayor, and local leader to maintain or reinstate mask mandates.

“Please. This is not politics,” Biden said. “Reinstate the mandate if you let it down.”

His plea comes as several states have lifted requirements for masks and allowed businesses to return to full capacity. 

“We’re giving up hard-fought, hard-won gains, and as much as we’re doing, America, it’s time to do even more,” Biden said. “All of us have to do our part.”

In the next three weeks, the President also said his administration would establish 12 more federally run mass vaccination sites. 

Monday’s announcement comes after administration officials charged with the federal Covid-19 response expressed their worries about the current trajectory of coronavirus cases in the country.

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