This Is What It Looks Like When Someone Buys 80 Plane Seats For 80 Falcons

Just in case you’ve ever wondered what 80 birds of prey taking a casual trip on an airplane looked like, a viral picture is showing, er, just that.

The below image was shared on Reddit with the caption “My captain friend sent me this photo… Saudi prince bought tickets for his 80 hawks”.


The A330 plane was headed to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and apparently it’s not uncommon to see wealthy people from Arab countries transporting their birds via plane.

The pilot certainly enjoyed it in this footage from a previous bird-flight — he’s busy taking selfies.


Hunting with falcons or using them for competitive sports are age-old traditions in Arab countries, and falcons are considered lucky — Abu Dhabi has its own hospital dedicated to falcons.

Airlines such as Etihad and Qatar allow falcons to board the plane for an eye-watering additional cost of $630 per bird — as long as the birds have their own passports (yes, really).


Between 2002 and 2013, the UAE government issued over 28,000 falcon passports, costing $130 each.

Oh, and did we mention the priciest falcons can set you back $250,000 each?


That’s one expensive flight! You can watch footage below.

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