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This Blind Man And His Armless Friend Are Saving An Entire Village In China

Not until a decade ago, the village of Yeli in Northeastern China had been plagued by floods. But one day, the water surges began to wane. Everyone was thankful to the harvest gods. But what they didn’t know, was that it was the work of two nameless heroes.

The villagers didn’t know their names until recently, when the duo’s nature conservation efforts took root. Soon, everyone in China started talking about Jia Haixia and Jai Wenqi. These everyday heroes do not wear capes, but everyone can see their superhuman strengths.

Jia is blind and Wenqi is armless.


Every morning at 7am, Jia Haixia holds on to the tattered sleeves of Jai Wenqi. They cross a shallow river and a mountain pass so they can fulfill their self-imposed duty — to save the village of Yeli.

They’ve been planting trees in Yeli’s mountainside to stop the floods.


Wenqi lost both his arms in a childhood accident, and Jiao is totally blind because of a congenital cataract — and yet the duo have already covered 8 acres of land in the past 10 years.

They both share a vision…


…to be hand in hand so that they can plant more and more trees everyday.



The duo collect and plant tree cuttings, since they are unable to afford the price of tree saplings from the local nursery.

They improvise with what they have: Wenqi is the pair’s “eyes” and “human buttress” as Haixia climbs over his shoulders to look for budding tree branches they can replant.


The duo have vowed never to stop saving the village of Yeli.


As long as they live, Haixia and Wenqi will continue to dig holes in the ground and water the saplings until their cause becomes bigger than the trees they’ve planted.