This 10-Year-Old Refused To Spend Her Birthday Without Her Grandma, So Her Mom Came Up With A Genius Plan

A 10-year-old girl couldn’t bear to not have her grandmother at her birthday party, so she took the party to her grandma.

Ellie Bosher’s grandmother couldn’t make it to Ellie’s 10th birthday party, so her mom came up with an ingenious way to include her.


Ellie’s mom, Kimber, moved the party from a nearby hotel to the nursing home where grandma Rita was recuperating.

“With her being a December baby, we always made her birthday parties a big deal,” explains Kimber, “And as the party got closer and closer, she just got really upset one day and started crying.”

“Ellie said, ‘I just decided if Granny can’t come to my party, I don’t want to have it’,” she said.


Kimber explained how Ellie and her grandma have “always been really close”.

“It’s just hard to see her having such a hard time and I was just scared that something might happen and this might be one of the last events,” said Ellie.

Ellie’s grandma has never missed a birthday party of her eldest grandchild, so Kimber called the nursing home to ask if they could host the Alice In Wonderland-theme party there — and they said yes.


But they kept it a surprise, so when Rita saw them all arrive she was shocked and delighted.

“I loved it,” said Ellie, “It was so much fun. My favorite part was pretty much seeing the look on Granny’s face.”


Kimber said she’s not surprised her thoughtful daughter didn’t forget her grandma in her celebrations.

“They have always had a very special relationship, which I had with my granmother, too. We have some good women in our family!”