Can We Guess Who You Are In Just 10 Questions?


  1. Completely backwards, I’m a man with salt and pepper hair and I’m well past 30

  2. You got the male part right and that’s all! And I’m 44 years older than the age 19 you guessed me. . . If I were grading you I’m afraid I’d have to give you an “F”.

  3. Female mid-30s, well the female part is right but mid-30, I’d more than double it. LOVE my job and finally found the right one – I am so appreciated. I have 2 kids but waaaaay past wanting another. 45-year life partner. Great friends. You got that one right. Short blond hair NEVER. and always lovely brown eyes.So how did you do? 5 of 11, not so good.

  4. Well first off i am a FEMALE…… whoops YOU got me being a Male WRONG!!!! Also i do NOT have gray hair at all & it is past my shoulders, NOT SHORT, but i am in my 30’s. And i am married but did not JUST become a parent & my eyes are NOT brown. Haven’t experienced much in the way of excitement & though i am NOT FAT i am also NOT fit……. BUT #4 was spot on!!!! I have decided looooonnnng ago that my child would NOT go through the abuse i suffered in my chidhood!!! So you might need to ask better questions LOL

  5. I’m 78 with gray hair bue eyes, been married for 57 years, am retired from working. We do care for 2 pet cats. It says I’m in my 20s have black hair, dark eyes and the cute nose, single, dating at night and balancing a promising career.

  6. I’m 42 female. I have red hair and blue eyes… so your prediction of being a man in his 20’s is a little off…

  7. So wrong. I’m a 70 year old female– NOT a male in my mid-20s!!! Am retired and often told I have a gorgeous smile. 3 & 4 are correct!

  8. Wrong completely apparently I’m a mid 30’s male with a new baby and short soon to be grey hair… Best let my husband know he’s going to be shocked that his 30 year old blond wife with no kids has changed since he last looked lol

  9. According to them I am a male teenager in college with brown hair and big eyes and I doubt my instincts more than I should. I am a 47 old male who’s insticts I trust over ayone elses. And BTW The eyes are the only organ that doesn’t grow with age. They stay the same size thoughout your entire life from cradle to tomb.

  10. I do not have blonde hair it’s dark brown, my eyes are not grey they’re dark brown, Ido have a light dark skin tone, I’m not in a relationship and yes I do have 2 kids but am not planning a 3rd (i have my tubes tied), and yes i am in my 30’s. 😉

  11. 62 blonde hazel and I do havetwo cats and I do have
    a cute nose! lol Not sure I would wanna be 22 again!

  12. I got male, mid 30’s just married. in fact i’m female, 58 and living with a domestic partner with two grown children. you got 2 1/2 right

  13. way out saidim male when im def not and said im 27 when im over 40.

  14. No, I’m not a 30-something male. You got nothing right.

  15. I’m 71, silver haired with blue eyes. I’ve raised my family. I’ve been volunteering for a couple of years and I’m short. Wrong….

  16. sixty-nine years young, retired, white hair, brown eyes. No one has ever talked about my appearance relative to good looks, Finally, the only thing people seem to value in me is my inellect…rightfully so.

  17. i’m supposed to be a 20 something male with temp job while figuring out my life,and i have blonde hair and blue eyes. i’m a late 50s female, retired, with brown hair and hazel green eyes.

  18. In my 20’s?? not quite right – am in my 70’s and opposite to all the other answers to me. haha.

  19. I may not be blonde, blue eyed, I do have a are at smile. A retiree now. My hair is gray/silver gray with brown eyes, I do flatter people as best dressed causal or dressed up with a tie and shirt. As for brains, I think there is always someone wiser then me.

  20. I do have a great smile. People tell me I look younger then what I am . In other words I hold my age well.

  21. I’m 55 and female…it said 20 and male…ha! Hilarious

  22. Got the female right, but I’m more than twice that age. Also brown eyes. Everything else is correct.

  23. Terribly. First you got it right exept my smile, my gender and my age

    Secondly you get my gender right but then the rest is fucked up apart from number 3 which was my personality

  24. Sart over with new questions or a new psychological profile. Glad you’re  not an FBI profiler!

  25. I have short blonde hair, turquoise eyes, not gray,  & 2 children. That is All that’s right.