This Woman Visited The Salon And Hours Later She Realized Her Hair Stylist Lied To Her

35-year-old Chemese Armstrong is a fitness expert, and the health-conscious gal knows she’s allergic to PPD, a common ingredient often found in hair dye.

So when she decided to color her gray hair recently, she made sure to tell her stylist to use only henna-based dye, as it’s plant-based and chemical-free. But her stylist used a PPD-containing dye anyway.


It wasn’t until Chemese had let the dye sit on her head and washed it out that she started experiencing symptoms. As her face swelled up, Chemese realized she was having a serious allergic reaction and ended up hospitalized for a week.

“I was told the henna was all-nautral and chemical-free, but that wasn’t the case,” explained Chemese.

Chemese described how, as well as the swelling, her scalp burned and itched and she couldn’t see through her puffy eyelids. Doctors feared the reaction could affect her breathing.


In the video below, Chemese chats about her horrifying experience and offers a stark warning to be careful who you trust with cosmetic treatments.

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