30 Hilarious Chinese Translation Fails. These Are Too Crazy To Believe.

Everyone loves a good laugh, and when it comes to translation fails, China never fails to deliver. These are some of the most hilarious and ridiculous translation fails we’ve ever come across. Some of these are so strange they will have your brain hurting as you try to figure out how exactly they got it so wrong.

“Excuse me where is the aisle for veg… oh nevermind, I think I found it…”

Pulled straight from the ocean.

“I’ll take one wild Germ please.”

Not to worry, I normally tend to avoid doing that in public.

Interesting cooking technique, I haven’t tried this one before.

I’m not even sure what they were trying to go for here.

Fried cat or rotting child? Oh the choices…

This… is strangely beautiful.

I understand, he had it coming.

Thanks for letting us know! *adds to list of places to avoid*

I’m not sure how ‘fire extinguisher’ could end up being translated as ‘hand grenade’.

I just… forget it.

I’ll keep my out for it, thanks.

Oh dear.

I think someone should inform them that’s probably not the medical term they were looking.

“Anything else you’d like, sir?”

I think I’ll pass and just not fall down at all.

Down with safety and it’s menacing ways.

They were just one letter away… and now I’m stuck thinking of fecal matter.

Might want to opt for a bit more security…

“It’s cursed I tell ya”

Many a wife has contemplated this once or twice in their lifetime.

How does this even make it to print with no one noticing!

Even the chef doesn’t like bean sprouts.

Only 2.20 for one crap stick? We’ll take 5.

It wouldn’t have been half as bad if they hadn’t included the headline.

I wonder how this branding strategy worked out for them.

I totally agree, no one likes being eaten.

China needs to step up its anti drink-driving campaign.

Errmm, no thanks I’ll pass.

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