Terrifying Video Of Abused Bear Attacking Russian Circus Handlers In Front Of Live Audience

Terrifying footage has emerged of a performing bear attacking its handlers after being forced to ride a skateboard and continuously beaten by a stick at a circus in Russia.

The attack took place in the Village of Olkhovka, which is in the Volgograd region of Russia.

Audiences during the live performance can be heard screaming as the animal pins one keeper to the ground. Other circus workers attempt to hit the bear with sticks in an attempt to get him to free their companion.

Spectators later said the brown bear was clearly agitated and wanted to leave the arena. This was around the time when it started being aggressive with its female handler.

Her male colleague started to hit the bear fiercely with a stick, angering the bear even more.


It overpowered the man, knocking him down to the ground. Two female handlers struck the animal to get him to let go.

The man finally managed to extract himself from the animal’s grip, evidently without serious injury.

There were no barriers between the onlookers and the crazed animal, and the distance between them were a mere few feet.

Anastasia Mishcherina, from the Volgograd region, said: “My relatives and their little son went to the show.”

“They sat in the front row, when they announced the performance of a ‘bear-visionary’ or something of that kind. My relatives wanted to take a video and went closer to the exit.”


“Even on video it is clear that the animal was nervous. Reluctantly slipping off the ramp, the animal wanted to leave, but he was pulled back.”

“Perhaps he realised that another flogging was waiting for him, and he decided to attack first.”

Another local, who referred to himself as Nikolay, said: “The circus is still in the village. They came from St. Petersburg – but now the whole of Olkhovka passes by their big top tent in fear.”

“I hope that the relevant authorities will conduct a check and understand what is going on in this circus.”