These Cocoa Farmers Tasted Chocolate For The First Time… You’re Going To Love Their Reactions

N'Da Alphonse is a cocoa farmer in the Ivory Coast, and yet he has never seen or tasted chocolate before in his life.

“To be honest I do not know what they make of my beans,” says farmer N'Da Alphonse. “I've heard they're used as flavoring in cooking, but I've never seen it. I do not even know if it's true.”

Watch he and his fellow workers' reactions when they taste the sweet bar of chocolate given to them for the first time.

Their reactions were truly enjoyable and heartwarming to see. But scenes like this also remind us of just how privileged we are in the developed world. Things that we take for granted here, are but a once in a lifetime experience for those that are less financially fortunate in other parts of the world.

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