Brave College Student Saves 80-Year-Old Woman From Burning House

80-year-old Gail Johnston was inside her home when it caught on fire. She was struggling to escape when Tre Williams came to her rescue as firefighters were trying to put out the flames.


“I yelled to the fire department, ‘Somebody’s in the house,’” Tre said. “But it was loud, like the sirens, and there was a lot of cars driving by.” Tre was just walking home from school when he caught sight of the smoke in the air. When he saw that Gail was inside the building, he knew she needed his help.

“So at that time, that’s when I jumped over the fence and went in and opened the door for her. She was struggling to get the door open,” Tre said.


“I didn’t really think much. I just, it was just an instinct,” Tre continued. “So I jumped over the fence and I opened the door and saw that her arm was tangled up, so I just took her off of it, and that’s when she just kept saying, ‘What’s happening? What’s happening?’ I grabbed her, put her arm around my shoulder and I just kept saying, ‘We’ve got to go.’”

Tre was able to get Gail to safety. Authorities said that the fire was accidental and a mulch bed that caught on fire due to smoking materials caused it.

Gail’s daughter Carleen Perez expressed her gratitude to Tre, saying he was Gail’s guardian angel. “So he just happened to be here,” Carleen said. “I believe the Lord put him here for that reason. He was impressed to do it, and he did it.”


But Tre continues to say that he wasn’t a hero and what he did was nothing out of the ordinary.


“I don’t think I really did anything too spectacular. I think anyone in that situation would have done the same thing because any of us would want someone to help us if they needed us to,” he said.

But the Johnston family thinks otherwise. They hugged Tre and were able to thank him for saving Gail’s life.