Which Country Do You REALLY Belong In? (QUIZ)


  1. So wrong. I am not from the US, nor do I want to live there, or even visit there. Your stilted view of the US shows just how ignorant you are. The US is not a free country, but rather a watered-down version of Germany in the 1930s. And I could just keep ranting, but I won’t.

    • So where are you from then? And btw I don’t blame you for not wanting to come to the usa it sucks sometimes people here are so rude.

    • Brian Cook Yeah you’re an idiot. The United States is the most free country ever. It’s the greatest country ever due to our founding principles.

    • We’re not free, we’re just not living in a war-zone.

    • Josh Patterson too bad those founding principles are being undermined and made irrelevant by certain organizations.

  2. Im from aussie and i got brazil but i would love to live in brazil.

    • lol if from the usa but I would love to live is Australia.

  3. I am from India and I got India.
    Plus the description was also very accurate about Indians

  4. no where near i got brazil but i live in nz and was born in ausbut I am going to ViSt one. Day

  5. Brazil ♥but hey I m a Malaysian but I will visit Brazil *I hope so haha*

  6. Im Half British and Half Fil and i got Italy.

  7. I got Italy and while I have Italian ancestry on my mothers side I’m not family oriented and will not go out of my way to help ppl if they’re aren’t worth my time, family or no..

  8. Not from Italy but I think you’re close 😀 I’m from Cyprus which you probably didn’t have on your list