Father Shot While Taking Out Trash Dies In Front Of 10-Year-Old Twins

A man was shot outside of his home in Sacramento, California as he was taking out the trash.

42-year-old Roy Eunice just stepped out of his apartment to take the trash out and go to his van when three gunshots were fired.


His daughters, 10-year-old twins, were inside their home 2 feet away from where Roy stood when they heard the shots being fired. Thereafter, their father went back inside their home and told them that he was shot. He instructed the girls to call their mother and to call 911.

Sadly before any help could get there, Roy passed away in front of the twins. He was able to comfort his daughters before collapsing by saying, “it was going to be okay.”


His sister, Mary Thompson expressed, “This was a senseless murder. He came out of his house just to dump his garbage.”

One bullets pierced through their front door, while the other one went through two of their walls. The last gunshot hit Roy in the chest.


Investigators have no leads or witnesses regarding the incident and said there was no known motive in the killing. They are asking for the perpetrator to turn themselves in.

Roy’s sister addressed the suspect in an interview saying, “To the person that did this, I forgive you. But if you have any remorse in your body, in your soul. You will come forward. Because I need to know why you would do this to my brother. It’s not right.”


Roy was known to be a good and loving father who gave time to his kids and always participated in school activities. He left behind three daughters and his wife. A GoFundMe page was set up for Roy to help the family with funeral expenses.