People Are Demanding This Anorexic Vlogger Shut Down Her Page Due To “Negative Influence”

An online petition demanding vlogger Eugenia Cooney be banned from YouTube has gained more than 14,000 signatures, due to concerns that she “glorifies” anorexia.

With 500k Instagram followers and nearly a million YouTube subscribers, Eugenia’s skeletal frame has sparked serious debate online.


But now worried viewer Carol Lynn has created a petition on in the hope that Eugenia will be forcibly taken offline.

“Eugenia Cooney has a serious medical condition,” writes Carol on the petition, “She has been influencing her viewers by her serious underweight condition.”

“She does this bodily harm to herself and shows young girls, such as her viewers on social media, that it is ‘okay’ to be suffering from anorexia nervosa.”

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“She knows that she’s influencing young teenage girls into thinking 60lbs is normal. It’s most definitely not.”

Eugenia herself dedicated a vlog to the petition, apologizing and also accusing her critics of simply generating yet more negativity.


“I just wanted to make this because I’m really sorry to everyone who is angry or upset with me, I’m really not trying to do anything wrong. I’ve never tried to influence anyone badly and I never encourage people to try to look like me.”

“I just wish people would be less hateful and be more positive.”

However, it must be said it’s hard to feel positive about a seriously underweight teenager acting as a role model to such a large number of youngsters.

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22-year-old Eugenia, who is based in New York, has long insisted she is simply “naturally slender” and denied having an eating disorder.

YouTube have so far not commented on removing Cooney’s channel, but they have highlighted their policy in which videos with “an express intention to glorify or promote eating disorders are removed”.

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  1. that fucked up trying to get her channel taken down because she has a disorder you are fucked up if you want to get her channel taken down

  2. Guys let’s respect her. She did not do anything to harm us. She just want to express herself.

  3. Lets respect her. She just want to enjoy her life and share to everyone what she is been going through.

  4. It would be better for her not to let herself exposed more on social medias. Give yourself some respect.

  5. She better give some limitations on the things that she is posting on the net.