Expensify CEO Tells 10 Million Customers To Vote For Biden Or Face Possible ‘Civil War’

Expensify CEO David Barrett is facing backlash from his customers after he sent an email to 10 million people urging them to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.  Barrett even said America faces “civil war” under President Trump.

The Hill reported that Barrett’s email did not sit well with the people on his email list. Barrett was said to have alienated many of his company’s customer base by asserting that any vote not cast for Biden is “a vote against democracy.”

“We are facing an unprecedented attack on the foundations of democracy itself. If you are a US citizen, anything less than a vote for Biden is a vote against democracy,” Barrett wrote.

“That’s right, I’m saying a vote for Trump, a vote for a third-party candidate, or simply not voting at all – they’re all the same.”

Barrett also claims that Trump winning would bring “civil war” to the United States.

Daniel Rothschild, the executive director of George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, wrote a lengthy response and said Barrett violated the “trust” of its customers. 

He also said the CEO contributed to the damaging polarization and politicization of society.

Rothschild added: “I also have strong feelings about another matter of public interest: the politicization of everything. A healthy society cannot exist if its political tribalism invades every aspect of commercial, civic, and community life. Team Red and Team Blue have gone from being who we vote for to, in many cases, lifestyle determinants. That is unhealthy to our civic fabric.”