The Latest Denim Trend Costs $168 And People Are Actually Paying For It

We all know that trends come and go, but we just want this one to go away… and fast.

In today’s fashion news, Carmar, a Los Angeles-based denim brand has made headlines with their extreme cut out jeans.

Carmar Denim

We thought the comeback of ripped jeans couldn’t get any worse, but how wrong we were.

On Carmar’s website, they described the jeans as a “high rise pant with large statement cutouts on front and back”

The style has everyone shaking their heads with the jeans leaving nothing to the imagination. It’s high-waisted and has a very “relaxed” fit.

They come with a belt loop just in case you don’t want them to fall and show everyone everything—then again, it might be a bit too late for that.

If the style isn’t enough to shock you, the price tag might. The jeans come at a hefty $168.

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Yes, you read that right. $168 for a pair of pockets and seams.

Netizens were quick to criticize the new style on Twitter, saying this style was crazy.

What’s even more surprising is the fact that the jeans are all sold out, and customers have been waitlisted for the next orders.

One thing’s for sure, if you do decide to buy or wear them, for the benefit of the public: please wear underwear!