High School Student Goes To Prom With Boyfriend’s Father After Son Dies In Car Crash

Just weeks before prom, this teenage girl’s boyfriend passed away in a car crash.


Kaylee Suders had been dating Carter Brown for 11 months after being close friends for 3 years. After Carter’s sudden passing, Kaylee decided that she would forgo prom altogether.


But Robert Brown, Carter’s father, didn’t want Kaylee to miss out on the special event. Mr. Brown called Kaylee’s high school to ask permission before he asked Kaylee if he could escort her to the prom.


“They both had a great time. Kaylee had so much fun getting ready,” said Kelly, Carter’s mom.

“They took Carter’s car and had dinner before the dance at the restaurant where Kaylee and Carter went on their first date. I hope this will be a memory that she will cherish.”

Kelly posted the photos on Facebook and clearly, Kaylee and Robert had the best time.

The heartwarming images had more than 200 shares and 1,000 reactions, and it touched the hearts of many.


Since Carter’s death, his parents shared that Robert going to prom with Kaylee was a well-needed boost of positivity through an incredibly difficult time.

“Kaylee has become part of our family. I know one day she’ll fall in love again, get married, and have a fabulous life,” Kelly added. “I hope to be there dancing at her wedding.”