Fan Cries Tears Of Joy When His Favorite Hockey Player Did This

Benjamin Lefkowitz did not expect this to happen when he was watching the New York Rangers play against the Pittsburgh Penguins last Wednesday.

Benjamin, who’s only 12-years-old, was wearing a Pavel Buchnevich jersey while he was watching the game from the sidelines. Out of nowhere, his favorite player, New York Rangers forward Pavel Buchnevich, tosses his hockey stick over the glass panel for Benjamin to receive. The whole thing was caught on video and you can see how the fan was so overwhelmed with joy at the gesture.

When he was able to compose himself, he had the chance to take a picture with his favorite hockey star, with a wide grin on his face.

He was interviewed by Rangers TV Host Amanda Borges when he told her that Buchnevich noticed him wearing a Severstal Cherepvoers’ Jersey, which was the team Buchnevic played for before he was picked up by the rangers.

Then a second later, Buchnevic skates to where he was and gives him the hockey stick.

After the game, Benjamin got to meet his idol at the lockers. It was definitely a moment the lucky boy will never forget!