This Adorable Fox Who Thinks She’s A Dog Will Just Melt Your Heart

This is Dawn. This furry little fox has a bit of an identity crisis — she thinks she’s a dog.

It all started when she was rescued as a baby by someone who thought she was a dog, and taken to a shelter. By the time everyone realized she was actually a fox, she was too tame to be able to live in the wild.


When fox cubs are hand reared they become ‘imprinted’. This means that they lose the ability to fend for themselves. This is why it is important for humans not to interfere with them.

Geoff — the security manager at the sanctuary where she lives — can’t resist Dawn’s adorable dog-like behavior. And it seems Dawn also loves seeing her human friend, too!


Because she’s so tame, Dawn lives permanently at the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary in the UK.

Dawn LOVES belly rubs…


… As well as getting a good sniff of Geoff.



For more information about the sanctuary’s work, check out the website.

Watch Dawn and Geoff playing below: