We Bet You Never Knew These Weird Facts About Produce Stickers

Did you know that produce label stickers are edible?

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Fruit stickers are actually edible, and should you peel them off? Well, yes, but don’t worry if you happen to eat one because they’re made out of edible paper, even the glue is food grade according to the Food and Drug Authority (FDA).

And the numbers have a meaning.

As a general standard, all conventionally grown fruits, like bananas, have 4-digits and it always starts with a “4”. Organic produce labels have five digits which always start with a “9”, while genetically modified produce labels also have five digits, but they start with “8”.

And if you find it quite difficult to peel those stickers off, try using a scotch tape, or any adhesive tape you have to take them off.

If you are planning to keep them because you don’t want to throw them away, you can actually turn your fruit sticker into art, like this guy did.


And with the world’s technology today, stickers on produce are made easy. Click on the next page for the video.

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