This 7-Year-Old Boy Has Saved $10k For College Simply By Recycling

This is Ryan Hickman, a 7-year-old boy from California. He started recycling when he was just 3 years old and now he has over $10,000 in savings and runs his own business.


Ryan’s been obsessed with saving the planet — and pocket money — ever since he first visited a recycling center with his dad.

Ryan had the bright idea to collect friends’ and neighbours’ unwanted recyclables as well as their own to take to the center, and Ryan’s Recycling was born.


After 4 years of recyling and dedicating several evenings a week to collecting trash, Ryan’s saved up a whopping $10,000 which, according to his website, is going towards college — although Ryan himself is pretty keen to buy a garbage truck.

Ryan says his desire to help the planet and protect animals who can eat harmful plastics and die drew him to recycling, and so he’s donated over $1,000 of his earnings to charity already.


His kind donations lead to the local Pacific Marine Mammal Center making Ryan a Youth Ambassador, and now he sells t-shirts for the organization to raise even more money for the animals there.

“Ryan’s very passionate about [recycling], and he likes to get everybody else passionate about it as well,” said Ryan’s mom.


“I think he’s rubbed off on all of us now. You find yourself walking past a can on the ground and needing to pick it up instead of walking away and leaving it there!”

Ryan, we expect to see you on the Forbes millionaires list in the future — you are one amazing kid!


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