Homeless Man Gets Hired After Police Officer Helps Him Shave Beard Off For Job Interview

A police officer didn’t hesitate to help this homeless man and his kindness paid off.

Phil, a homeless guy from Florida, was told by someone at McDonald’s that if he showed up on Monday with a clean shaven face he could have a job. So Phil bought a razor.

#MustSee #MorePureAwesomeness We thought the picture was awesome, well here’s THE VIDEO of Officer Carlson helping one of our citizens. #TPD #TallahasseeTHE STORY AS TOLD BY THE CITIZEN SUBMITTING THE INFORMATION: “My daughter just sent me this picture and called to tell me the story, I had to share….she went to the gas station and saw this officer shaving a homeless man's beard. A minute later the officer went into the store and Hannah walked in after him and saw him cleaning himself up because he was hot and sweaty. She offered to buy him a drink and got talking. Apparently the officer was at McDonald's next door and this gentleman went in looking for a job. He was told they wouldn't hire him unless he shaved his beard. So the officer went and got some clippers and shaved the man's beard so he could go back and get a job! I am so proud to live in a community where our deputies and officers are such wonderful people. Good job Tallahassee Police Department!!! ❤”

Posted by City of Tallahassee Police Department on Sunday, July 22, 2018

But he was having trouble doing the shaving all by himself at a petrol station. Officer Tony Carlson spotted Phil and decided to step in. He helped Phil shave his beard off, and the footage of him doing this quickly went viral.

Phil did go to his interview on Monday, and he got the job!

The Tallahassee police also gave an update to share to the public how Phil was doing.

They later had a news conference where Officer Tony shared what happened on the day bumped into Phil.

Officer Carlson talks about how he met Phil, a local homeless man, and how he helped Phil with shaving his beard so he could apply for a job. The whole story told by Officer Carlson who says he was just doing his job by helping others. #makingadifference #beKind #helpingothers

Posted by City of Tallahassee Police Department on Monday, July 23, 2018

He said: “I saw [a man], who turned out to be Phil, out front trying to shave, having some trouble with his razor.

“As I got out of my car, he asked me if I knew anything about fixing a razor, because it was broken, and if I could look at it. For whatever reason, instead of just getting in my car and leaving, I went over there and I looked at it, and it was missing a screw.”

So he helped Phil tighten the screws on the second-hand razor enough to get it to work. But they both didn’t have a mirror, so Tony decided to help him shave.

When people commended him on his act of kindness, he said, ” I like to think of us more as peace officers first, law enforcement officers second. You go to a scene and you try to resolve it with a positive ending, and something that’s gonna last.”

“There’s a time and place to arrest people and take them to jail, of course, but if you can help and fix the situation to [help] it get better, the chances are you’re not gonna have to come back out there later.”