This Pregnancy Test Ad Is Going Viral Because Of One Hilarious Mistake

An advert for a pregnancy test has gone viral for the hilarious (and glaringly obvious) mistake that advertising execs clearly overlooked.

Dutch brand Predictor created the advert for their latest pregnancy test kit in 2011, which it claims helps identify pregnancy early.


But the ad has since gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

There’s no way this lady should be surprised to discover she’s expecting — check out the size of that bump!


Beady-eyed Twitter users immediately picked up on the gaff and were quick to start making jokes, with one person saying the lady in the ad is “about 8 months too late to be shocked”.

“She’s shocked about being pregnant? LMAO.”

Although some suggested the test did hold some surprising news.

While others went full “Inception” (but forgot, you know, how biology works).

Another day, another hilarious gift from the Internet.