See Things Clearly Without Glasses Using This Simple Trick

Short-sighted people everywhere know the struggle of losing their glasses on the go and suffering blindness all day — until now, thanks to MinutePhysics.


The braniacs behind the YouTube channel tell us that blurry eyesight occurs when light entering the eye is too spread out on the retina.


So a super-simple trick to remedy this and focus on a small area is to make an “OK” sign with your fingers and make the O as small as possible.

This is like the focus effect on a pinhole camera and, peering through the tiny hole, you’ll see things are much sharper.


It’s not exactly a replacement for glasses and contact lenses (and you’ll look a bit weird in public) but it’s still a nifty trick next time you find yourself squinting.


You can watch the full how-to video below: