Injured Dog Rescued On Loop 202 Is At ‘Home Resting And Being Spoiled’

The Arizona Department of Transportation caught a woman on camera helping out an injured dog on Loop 202 on Christmas Eve.

The cameras showed the woman getting out of her car on Loop 202 near McKellips Road, calming down the injured dog. Once she calmed the dog down, she put it in her car to get help, officials said.

In response to ADOT’s post about the story on Facebook, the dog’s owner gave a happy update. 

The dog’s owner, Candi L. Montano Miranda, responded to a Facebook comment asking for an update on the dog’s condition.

“Merry Christmas all. The Good Samaritan is an angel to our family. Our dog was out using the potty, and fireworks must have scared him. He is extremely scared of fireworks. He is chipped, because my family loves him! We got the call and immediately went to be with him,” she said.

She said he didn’t have any serious injuries but that his paws got a bit torn up since he’s an indoor dog and not used to the pavement.

“He is home resting and being spoiled. Thank you, thank you is not enough to this sweet, kind hearted human being,” she added.

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