Kamala Harris Says She Fears Barrett’s Confirmation ‘Will Undo’ RBG’s Legacy

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Senator Kamala Harris evoked the late-Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg during her opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee over the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, saying she fears that Barret could erase RBG’s legacy. 

“By replacing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg with someone who will undo her legacy, President Trump is attempting to roll back America’s rights for decades to come,” said Harris.

“Every American must understand that with this nomination, equal justice under law is at stake. Our voting rights are at stake. Workers’ rights are at stake. Consumer rights are at stake. The right to a safe and legal abortion is at stake. Holding corporations accountable is at stake. And there is so much more,” she added. 

The Democratic vice-presidential nominee asked the chairman to delay Barrett’s nomination until after the November election, saying her nomination may be a ‘cheap power grab’ by the Trump administration to erase the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

“So, Mr. Chairman, I do believe this hearing is a clear attempt to jam through a supreme court nominee who will take healthcare away from millions of people during a deadly pandemic that has already killed more than 214,000 Americans,” Harris noted. 

“I believe that we must listen to our constituents and protect their access to healthcare, and wait to confirm a new Supreme Court justice until after Americans decide what they want in the White House.”

Reports said the Democrats have avoided criticizing Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s faith, leaving that task to the media instead.

As Harris demonstrated, the opening arguments on Monday’s hearing focused on Barrett’s opposition to the ACA. As American Columnist Andrew McCarthy pointed out at National Review. However, Barrett has never once publicly criticized Obamacare as a work of policy. 

“As a judge, Barrett has not ruled on Obamacare. As a scholar, she has taken the firm position that a judge’s important but modest role is to say what the law is, not to formulate public policy,” wrote McCarthy. 

“The best prediction of her position on legislation, therefore, is that its policy direction is for Congress to decide; the judge’s narrow role is to ensure that enacted law complies with constitutional requirements, regardless of its political or ideological bent.”

Despite Barrett having never said which way she would rule if the Supreme Court took up Obamacare, Democrats have stressed that Barack Obama’s signature work of healthcare reform now stands at risk of getting removed.