Lawyers From Trump-Retained Firm Donates $90,000 To Biden, $50 To Trump

Trump vs Biden Debate

Attorneys working for the firm providing counsel to President Trump’s election campaign donated tens of thousands of dollars to former Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign.

According to an analysis by Reuters, the lawyers working for Jones Day law firm donated nearly $90,000 to Biden’s campaign while giving $50 to Trump’s campaign. 

Since 2019, the law firm has been paid over $4.5 million to serve as the Trump campaign’s outside counsel. 

The Hill reported that monetary support for Biden stems from the self-identified attorneys working in the law firm. 

Biden’s campaign received nearly $29 million in donations from lawyers, while Trump’s campaign has received only about $1.75 million, reported the news wire. 

Reuters noted that even though massive law firms have donated the most to the President’s campaign, individual attorneys working at those firms still gave more to Biden. 

The most money donated to Biden from lawyers in one firm amounted to over $360,000, while the largest amount received by President Trump was about $11,000.

The report comes less than a week after Assistant U.S. Attorney General Phillip Halpern announced in an op-ed he was leaving the Department of Justice after serving for 36 years because of Attorney General William Barr’s “slavish obedience to Donald Trump’s will.”

In his op-ed, he said that Barr’s presence in the DOJ was deterring qualified lawyers from applying for federal positions.