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Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

Many tattoo aftercare products contain processed or unnecessary ingredients, and advice regarding tattoo aftercare can often be confusing or even contradictory. You probably have so many questions if you’re new to getting tattooed. Do you keep it dry or moist? When can you take off that plastic wrap? 

If you want to take care of your tattoos, whether its for sun protection or aftercare for a new tattoo, Mad Rabbit Tattoo products are a great choice.

In this review we will go in depth with everything you need to know about this company and their range of products. 

About Mad Rabbit Tattoo

In 2019, Mad Rabbit Tattoo was started by two tattooed friends, with the vision of making a simple, all-natural tattoo aftercare product line. In a message to customers, founders Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor said they were inspired by tattoo artists and their commitment to the art form. 

Just as tattoo artists put in the effort to make your tattoo worth showing off and something you’ll love looking at in the mirror, the founders of Mad Rabbit Tattoo wanted to put in the effort to make the best tattoo care products to take care of your tattoos for years to come.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Ingredients

If you’re curious about all the ingredients used in Mad Rabbit Tattoo Products, there’s a comprehensive list on their website

Each of their all-natural ingredients plays a different role in your tattoo aftercare. For example, calendula extract and chamomile extract have anti-inflammatory properties, zinc oxide protects your tattoo from UV rays, and ingredients like vitamin C and aloe vera repair damaged skin.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo product ingredients are cruelty-free, meaning they’re:

  • Plant-based
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Never tested on animals

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm

If you want your tattoo to look brighter, a heavier moisturizer cream will make the colors and shading pop by preventing dead skin cells from forming. 

While tattoo shops used to recommend Vaseline while healing your new tattoo, this is not advisable since Vaseline will clog pores and might fade your tattoo. 

Instead, use a balm made of natural non-comedogenic (pore-clogging) ingredients, like Mad Rabbit’s tattoo balm, which works wonders for revitalizing tattoos. You can use this cream on both old and new tattoos, whether they’re black and grey or colorized. It moisturizes your tattoo so well that you’ll see results after just one use. It’s also not greasy like Vaseline.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm comes in three different scents: 

  • Vanilla & Coconut 
  • Frankincense & Lavender
  • Cucumber

It’s available as a single package or a package of three. Customers love the variety of scents and say that Tattoo Balm makes their old tattoos look as fresh and bright as their new ones.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Sunscreen 

While new tattoo ink is somewhat fade-resistant, sun exposure will cause it to fade over time, so it’s essential to protect your tattoos the same way you would the rest of your skin.

Customers found that Mad Rabbit SPF 30 Sunscreen is easy to apply because they didn’t have to rub it in, unlike other sunscreens. One customer used different sunscreen on the rest of their body and got a sunburn, but their tattoo stayed protected with Mad Rabbit’s SPF 30 Sunscreen.

For Mad Rabbit subscribers, it’s recommended that you get the SPF 30 Sunscreen delivered:

  • Once a month for heavy tattoo coverage (such as the entire body), 
  • Every three months for medium tattoo coverage (for sleeves/half-sleeves)
  • Every five months for light tattoo coverage (if you have a few tattoos)

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Lotion

Even once your tattoo is healed, it’s essential to moisturize it and avoid getting irritated. The daily lotion is a wonderful product to use for moisturizing your tattoo.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • It has anti-aging benefits
  • Keeps skin hydrated

Mad Rabbit’s Daily Lotion contains ceramides, strengthening your skin and locking in existing moisture. If you have a fragrance allergy or sensitivity, don’t worry–it’s fragrance-free.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Soothing Gel

For newer tattoos, this product is perfect. It offers: 

  • See-through and lightweight properties 
  • A cooling sensation

You should use this product daily for two weeks while healing a new tattoo

The tattoo machine injects the ink into your skin when you get a tattoo, so it’s essential to heal your skin afterward. Customers say that Mad Rabbit’s Soothing Gel is particularly effective for peeling tattoos and makes tattoos heal faster.

Starter Packs for Tattoo Newbies

If you’ve just gotten your first tattoo, you might be unsure of where to start with Mad Rabbit products. Mad Rabbit created a Starter Pack with everything you need. It includes: 

  • SPF 30 Sunscreen 
  • Soothing Gel
  • Tattoo Balm

A customer who works as a mechanic said that the Mad Rabbit products in the Starter Pack held up to intense movement, a heavy uniform, and sweat.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Discount Code

Use the code MRT-15 at checkout on their official website here to get 15% off your order. This will apply on top of the existing promotions and discounts currently available on their website.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo also has a subscription service that offers up to 25% off on their products and regular shipment service. Subscription products include SPF 30 Sunscreen, Soothing Gel, and Tattoo Balm. Choose whichever scent you’d like for your Tattoo Balm.

You can schedule shipments as often as monthly or as infrequently as five times a year and delay or reschedule if needed. 

If you don’t need a subscription anymore, cancel at any time from your Mad Rabbit account. 

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Customer Reviews

With over 6,500 verified reviews on their website and an average rating of 4.85/5, the overwhelming majority of customers rate Mad Rabbit very highly. A common experience among most customers is that the products are of a high quality and very effective. Negative reviews were rare, with the complaint mostly regarding price or lost packages.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo’s website has customer stories that are a fascinating and moving glimpse into why people get tattooed, what tattoo culture means to them, and the story of their first tattoo. 

For example, one customer got a memorial tattoo for her mother, representing rebirth and growth. Another got his first tattoo when he was only 15 because his older brother had tattoos. 

Where to buy Mad Rabbit Tattoo

Mad Rabbit Tattoo balm and other products are available on their website and at many retailers throughout the United States. They also ship internationally to the UK and EU.


Do Mad Rabbit Tattoo products work on darker skin?

Mad Rabbit Tattoo products are for everyone and every skin color. MMA and UFC legend Walt Harris praised Mad Rabbit and said there’s no one better. 

Does zinc oxide really work? Why can’t I just use regular sunscreen?

Even if it’s not that sunny out, you should always wear sunscreen. Zinc oxide sunscreens work by scattering the sun’s rays, which prevents harmful UV radiation from affecting the skin. Zinc oxide is photostable, which means it does not change when exposed to light (like sunlight).

Should I exfoliate my tattoo?

Yes, it’s a good idea to exfoliate your tattoo. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells so that the ink in your tattoo will be more vibrant since there are no layers of dead skin cells covering it. Exfoliation helps prevent acne and irritation and makes it easier for other skincare products to work on your skin.

If my tattoo looks blurry, can this be fixed?

Sometimes tattoos look blurry if there’s a blowout of ink under the skin. A blowout happens during the tattooing process when the machine goes too deep into the skin and into the layer of fat below, which causes the ink to move under your skin. If you get a blowout, you can get it fixed with a touch up or cover up, which involves more tattoing.

Do color tattoos fade faster than black and gray tattoos?

It depends on the colors in the tattoo. Some colors fade faster than others, while black and gray tend to last longer because they’re darker and more fade-resistant. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to reduce fading. One of the reasons is the sun, but the tattoo’s placement can also cause fading. If your tattoo is on a body part that rubs against clothing or in the crook of your arm (the “ditch”), the friction will cause the ink to fade.