Doctors Told Them To Give Up On Their Sick Baby Daughter. But Then A Miracle Happened.

Doctors were preparing to switch off one-year-old Marwa’s life support machine when a miracle happened: she opened her eyes.

Marwa had been in an induced coma for months battling a virus, and doctors were fighting to switch off the machine, concerned that when she did wake she’d have severe brain problems.


Marwa’s body was not responding to the medically-induced coma.

But her parents refused to give up on their little girl, taking legal action to keep Marwa alive for as long as possible. The “Not Without My Marwa” campaign collected over 114,000 signatures, and officials ruled in Marwa’s favor.

They won a two month extension and, as time went on, the one-year-old had still not woken up. Doctors argued that if Marwa did wake, she would never breathe independently, and struggle to eat and breathe for the rest of her life.


But one day, Marwa simply opened her eyes — and her father caught the stunning moment on camera (click to play).

And Marwa is continuing to grow stronger every day.

“Her treatment continues, but we see progress every day and that gives us a lot of hope,” said her father.

“When I speak to her, she hears my voice, she reacts, sometimes she even smiles.”


Marwa’s mother has since confirmed that all Marwa’s organs are functioning normally and, despite all the odds, she’s on the road to recovery.

We wish you all the best, Marwa! You can keep up with this amazing little girl on Facebook.

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