Notre Dame Suspends In-Person Classes as 146 Students Get Coronavirus

Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana
Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana

Eight days into the fall semester, the University of Notre Dame has called off in-person classes on Tuesday after 146 students and a staff member tested positive for the coronavirus.

Effective Wednesday, the University will be implementing a two-week suspension of classes which will affect some 12,000 students.

Notre Dame University President Father John Jenkins said in a news release, “The virus is a formidable foe. For the past week, it has been winning. Let us as the Fighting Irish join together to contain it.”

Since August 3,  at least 920 people have been tested for the virus and 147 have returned positive.

Notre Dame officials added that the students who contracted the virus were mostly senior students living off-campus. They must have been infected during gatherings where people did not wear face masks and did not follow social distancing rules.

The school conducted contact tracing to track down other students who may have been exposed.

Since none of the students require hospitalization, the University said it will be running online classes for the next two weeks.