After 240 Days, Fires in Australia’s New South Wales Finally Extinguished

It took 240 days, but finally all bush- and grassfires in the state of New South Wales have been contained, according to local authorities.

A heavy downpour over the weekend gave firefighters and volunteers a fighting chance against the remaining fires still blazing across the southern part of the state.

Several months of monstrous fires—sometimes hundreds at once—have devastated a large part of Australia, leaving a tragic body count of 28 people, more than 3,000 homes, and up to a billion animals.

In entirety, roughly 25.5 million acres (which is about the size of South Korea), has burned.

But after a seemingly neverending bushfire season, New South Wales is now fire-free.

“For the first time since early July 2019, there is currently no active bush or grass fires in #NSW,” tweeted New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

“That’s more than 240 days of fire activity for the state.”

Despite putting out 30 active fires, the torrential rains also caused widespread flash flooding and storm damage, the RFS revealed.