This Officer’s Simple Act Of Kindness Saved A Homeless Man’s Life

A police officer from South Carolina, US, has gone viral after sharing the heartwarming tale of his incredible act of kindness for a homeless man.

Deputy Matt Holman saw Robert Morris, a homeless man, walking down the road when he stopped to talk to him.


“He was not he person I was looking for, so this was just a casual encounter,” explained Matt. Robert told the officer how he has lost his parents and sister and was now living on the streets struggling with depression and alcohol and drug addiction.

Matt immediately wanted to help, but things weren’t that easy.

“I tried to get him a shelter, they were all full — I knew I was going to buy him some food when he told me that he was hungry.”

So Matt took Robert somewhere to eat and, after a conversation about their faith, Robert seemed to be more hopeful. Matt told him: “If you’re still breathing, God is not done with you.”


The two parted ways and it wasn’t until months later that the extent of Deputy Matt’s kindness was revealed, when Robert phoned 911 to share what had happened after his meal with Matt.

“My name is Robert Morris and I was stopped by a deputy,” Robert told the dispatcher, “At that time in my life I was really messed up on drugs and alcohol. We sat down and had a long talk and he was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my whole life.”

“He opened the trunk of his car and he gave me his personal Bible. That man’s a hero and he saved my life.”


But Matt simply said he was happy to give Robert the Bible.

“I was really attached to this Bible. But I would tell deputies, if they’re believers, be confident that if you feel like the presence of God is with you and telling you to speak with someone, you should do it, be a witness, be obedient.”

The story has since gone viral, with many praising Deputy Matt for his selfless and generous gift.

You can watch the full story in the video below.

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