This Girl’s Valentine’s Day “Surprise” Turned Out To Be The Most Hilariously Awful Prank

A guy’s unbelievably heartbreaking prank on his girlfriend has gone viral (although, amazingly, he kept his girlfriend).

This is 21-year-old Marie Kerr.

Her boyfriend, Jay, texted her hinting at an amazing surprise on Valentine’s Day.


He asked Marie if she remembered how she’d told him she loved Paris and, understandably, she got very, very excited.

Then he reminded her about how they’d looked at flights to Barcelona together and her excitement levels skyrocketed as she thought Jay had booked a romantic holiday.


“I am literally having heart palp[itations]!” she texted.

But devious Jay had other things in mind — “YES,” he wrote, “I’ll pick you up at 7 the match starts at 7.45.”


That’s right, Jay was actually talking about a soccer match between Barcelona and Paris. Sigh.

As well as calling Jay “a f***ing moose”, Marie took to Twitter to perfectly sum up how she felt about her boyfriend’s “hilarious” prank.

But it seems that she saw the funny side and forgave him, if this next tweet is to be believed.

Who says love is dead?