People Are Enraged At Insensitive Warning From Victoria Police After Murder Of Young Woman In Melbourne

Eurydice Dixon, an aspiring comedian, was allegedly raped and murdered on her way home in the early hours of Wednesday, June 13, in Melbourne, Australia.

Her body was found on a soccer field in Princes Park in Carlton North, inner Melbourne, by a passerby.


The 22-year-old had just finished a Tuesday night performance at Highlander, a Melbourne bar, and was on her way home when the sexual assault and killing happened.


The tragedy, which has upset and angered the public, was made much worse when the police delivered thoughtless sentiments regarding the incident during a press release.

Victoria Police gave a stern warning for women to be more careful and to “take responsibility for their safety”.

Understandably, their misplaced concern caused a huge backlash.

In a recent tweet, Australian news outlet The Age wrote, “Police are urging people to take responsibility for their safety when walking along in Carlton North, after a woman was found dead there overnight. ‘Make sure people know where you are and if you’ve got a mobile phone carry it.'”

Though the message might have been well-intentioned, it also angered a lot of people.

And not just the women, either.

They brought up the salient point that so many other women take the necessary precautions and still end up not being safe.

This is especially disheartening since, according to The Age, Dixon had actually done what they suggested before she died.

Just a few hundred metres away from her house, she texted a friend that she was “almost home” shortly before her death.

Dixon sent the Facebook chat message just after midnight, writing: “I’m almost home safe, HBU [how about you]”


Her body was found a few hours later.

Police CCTV footage helped police identify the suspect, who soon turned himself in.



The 19-year-old man, identified in court as Jaymes Todd, has now been charged with her rape and murder.