Woman Furiously Takes A Dump On Floor And Throws It At Tim Hortons Employees

A Canadian woman was caught on video flinging feces at Tim Hortons employees.

A woman entered a Tim Hortons casual restaurant in Langley, British Columbia and approached the counter where she talked to an employee.

In the first few moments of the video footage, she was seen visibly agitated at the restaurant staff, gesturing in a very aggressive manner.


Since the video had no audio, the reason why she was arguing with the cashier is unknown. The video continues with the woman pulling napkins out of a dispenser and then proceeding to do the disgusting deed.

A few seconds later, she is seen squatting against the wall while pulling down her pants as she defecates onto the restaurant floor.


The restaurant staff is seen calling the police but then backs away when the woman’s poop drops to the floor. She then picks up the excrement and flings it to the cashier while her pants are still down. She proceeds to use the napkins she got earlier, wipes her hands, and throws the soiled paper towards the restaurant staff.

Customers at the Tim Hortons restaurant were oblivious of the disgusting act as there was a barrier in between the cashier and the area where customers were sitting.


The woman was later arrested in the parking lot. Authorities are reviewing the incident and will determine whether the woman will be charged for the indecent and unhygienic act . She was released later that day, but will appear in court at a later date.

The graphic footage can be seen below.