This Guy Tried To Help A Lost Dog, Until He Read The Pup’s ID Tag

A concerned citizen who spotted a lost dog tried to help the confused animal — until he read the dog’s ID tag.

Tyler Wilson was at a gas station when he noticed a Golden Labrador, alone, wandering the forecourt in Kentucky, US.


Tyler realized he’d seen the dog before in the area and, fearing for the pup’s safety, he assumed the pooch was lost and decided to help reunite the animal with its owner.


But when Tyler checked the dog’s collar, he was in for a heartwarming surprise.

“My name is Dew,” read the dog’s tag, “I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.”


“Once I saw [the tag], we both looked at each other and I knew he was OK,” said Tyler, “It was so cute.”

“He got me a little wet from the rain, but it was worth it.”

It turned out that Dew is something of a local celebrity, known for his wandering ways — he even has his own Facebook page where people share photos and stories of his adventures.


And Dew’s family were quick to dismiss those worried for Dew’s safety, saying he’s fitted with GPS trackers and always comes home.

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