Can You Name These Amazing Yet Almost Extinct Animals?

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    What is this endangered animal called?

    • Chimpanzee
    • Gorilla
    • Orangutan
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    Which whale is endangered?

    • North Atlantic Right Whale
    • Humpback Whale
    • Blue Whale
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    This one should be easy.

    • Sea Turtle
    • Land Tortoise
    • Red Herring
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    Which animal do these sad eyes belong to?

    • Baboon
    • Gorilla
    • Orangutan
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    Do you know which elephant is currently at greatest risk of extinction?

    • Sumatran Elephant
    • Egyptian Elephant
    • Kenyan Elephant
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    What is this endangered species?

    • Rasbora
    • Sengi
    • Lemur
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    What is this magnificent creature called?

    • Amur Leopard
    • Pancake Cheetah
    • Forest Mogul
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    What kind of tiger is most at risk of disappearing forever?

    • Sumantran Tiger
    • Amur Tiger
    • White Tiger
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    What is this endangered species?

    • Baiji
    • Dodo Fish
    • Giant Chinese Salamander
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    Do you know what this almost extinct creature is?

    • Gazelle
    • Addax
    • Amur
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    This little monkey is at risk of going extinct. What’s its name?

    • Brown Spider Monkey
    • Tiny Speckle Monkey
    • Cutiepie Monkey
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    Which Rhino is endangered?

    • Black Rhino
    • Javan Rhino
    • Indian Rhino
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    What place is this almost extinct seal from?

    • Hawaii
    • Iceland
    • Australia
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    Can you name this adorable frog at risk of going extinct?

    • Table Mountain Ghost Frog
    • Glow in the Dark Frog
    • Chinese Boggle Frog
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    There are less than 10,000 of these cute furry things left. Know what it is?

    • Red Panda
    • Red Fox
    • Red Iory