Rape Suspect Released Due to Coronavirus Returns to Kill Accuser in Alexandria, VA

Karla Elizabeth Dominguez Gonzalez
Last December, Karla Elizabeth Dominguez Gonzalez testified that she was sexually abused by Bouaichi in October

A 33-year-old man from Maryland, originally accused of rape, is now facing a murder charge after killing his accuser in Alexandria, Virginia after he was released from jail due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ibrahim Bouaichi is believed to have shot and killed Karla Elizabeth Dominguez Gonzalez on July 29, Virginia police reported.

Gonzalez accused Bouaichi of rape in an Alexandria District Court in December. The suspect was indicted on rape charges and jailed without bond.

However, when the pandemic broke, Bouaichi’s lawyers petitioned for his release due to the overcrowding of inmates. The U.S. decided to release prisoners to prevent rapid transmission of the virus.

Circuit Court Judge Nolan Dawkins agreed to set Bouaichi free on a $25,000 bond. He was also ordered not to leave his Maryland home unless meeting with his lawyers when he was released on April 9.

The Alexandria Sheriff’s office said Gonzalez was notified of Bouaichi’s release that same day.

Five days after Gonzalez was found dead in her home, Alexandria police officers and the FBI’s regional Violent Crimes Task Force saw Bouaichi in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Bouaichi crashed the car he was driving as he was being pursued by authorities. He shot himself in an effort to evade arrest. He was taken to a hospital for medical treatment but is still in grave condition.