Rats Eat Through £13,000 Worth Of Bank Notes Inside ATM Machine

Bank workers from the State Bank of India got the shock of their lives when one of their ATM machines was broken into by rats, who ate through roughly 1.2 million rupees (that’s £13,300 or $17,700) stored inside.


These rodents apparently have expensive taste.

The bank sent technicians to the ATM located in Tinsukia, a city in north-eastern India’s Assam state, after the cash machine suddenly stopped working.


But no one could have been prepared to encounter such a gruesome crime scene.

On the day prior to the malfunction, a private security firm refilled the machine and stocked it full of 500 rupee and 2,000 rupee notes.


Half of those notes ended up inside the rats’ stomachs by the next day.

Mugdhajyoti Mahanta, Tinsukia Police Superintendent, said: “When the engineer and other officials opened the ATM, they found destroyed notes and also found a dead mouse inside the ATM.”

On the other hand, the bank’s manager, Chandan Sharma, said: “The ATM was out of order for a few days and when our technicians opened the kiosk we were shocked to find shredded notes and a dead rat.”

“We have started an investigation into this rare incident and will take measures to prevent a recurrence.”

The rats even managed to evade detection from cameras built inside the machine.


While the State Bank of India may be the largest bank in India—with around 50,000 ATM machines across the country—apparently they’re still ill-prepared for this new brand of high-tech thieves.