Report: Trump’s Post Election Execution List

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump

Donald Trump is reportedly set to fire the heads of the Defense Department, FBI and CIA when he wins the election in November, reports said.

White House sources say that FBI Director Christopher Wray, CIA director Gina Haspel and Defense Secretary Mark Esper are on a list of senior officials set to be fired. This was reported to Axios by 2 White House staff.

First on the line will be Wray, who has headed the FBI since 2017. Trump was disappointed with Wray after the FBI chief failed to launch a formal investigation into Hunter Biden’s Ukraine business deals. Also, Trump was described as furious over the Wray’s failure to purge FBI officials on alleged abuse of authority with the investigation of Trump’s alleged ties to Russia during the 2016 election.

Another sore point was Wray’s testimony in the Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing where he stated that there was no evidence of widespread election fraud, specifically with the mail-in ballots. Trump has repeatedly claimed otherwise.

Trump has shown displeasure at Haspel because of her opposition to the declassification of documents of the Trump-Russia investigation during the Obama administration. 

However, reports say that Haspel plans on stepping down regardless of the outcome of the election. “Since the beginning of DNI’s push to declassify documents, and how strongly she feels about protecting sources connected to those materials, there have been rumblings around the agency that the director plans to depart the CIA regardless of who wins the election,” a source told Axios.
According to The Daily Mail, Esper is on the fire list because he did not send active-duty soldiers to assist local police officers during the racial injustice protests following the Memorial Day death of George Floyd.