Designer Mom Invoices Friend Demanding She Replace Her Toddler’s “Ruined” $395 Shoes After Playdate

A mom who sent a £325 ($394) bill to another parent after her daughter came home from a playdate with pen on her designer Italian shoes has sparked an intense online debate.

Fashion designer Sarah Louise Bryan, 28, says she only dresses daughter Isabella, 3, in designer outfits, and ships clothes in from international boutiques for her daughter.


Sarah says Bella is an aspiring child model who already owns 60 pairs of shoes and only wears designer labels so she always “looks perfect”.

But after a day at a friend’s house, Bella returned home with scuff marks and black pen on her £325 red fur booties, angering mom Sarah.


Sarah says it is vital her daughter always looks “pristine” as it reflects on her professionally.

“Bella is just starting out in modeling and I make sure she is always dressed head to to in designer gear,” she said, “I have a pair of £700 Christian Louboutin shoes which I struggle to walk in, but I’m into fashion and I want Bella to be into fashion as well.”

“Bella is already image conscious and she knows how to accessorize and is very color-coordinated.”

But, after shelling out all that cash for Bella’s fancy wardrobe, Sarah was furious to discover another mom hadn’t taken such care of Bella’s shoes.


Sarah claims the booties are particularly important as her daughter uses them for fashion shoots and they match all of her other outfits.

So the furious mom sent an invoice to Bella’s little friend’s mom requesting she pay to replace the red boots.

“I am disgusted to see her new Italian leather shoes are all scuffed and have a Sharpie mark on them,” wrote Sarah, “Below is the bill for replacing these because they cannot be fixed.”


Sarah demands the bill be paid quickly, before she “takes this higher”.

Although many parents who have since seen Sarah’s bill are outraged and insist they’d never pay to replace another child’s shoes, Sarah thinks she is justified.

“It’s fine for other parents to dress their kids in cheap gear, but I want Bella to want to be more than that and I’m happy to spend money to make her look good and feel special.”

Although she accepts that not all families can afford the clothes she dresses Bella in, she blames the child’s mom for ruining the shoes and expects her to replace them.


Should the mom replace the shoes, or has Sarah’s obsession with high fashion gone too far?

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