Single Mom Spends Years Struggling To Make Ends Meet, Then Son Gets A Call He Never Forgets

“A mother is going to always put her kids first, and make sure that they have everything they need,” Danigelis stated about a Mother’s sacrifice,” And then she’s going to do things for herself.”

Rebecca Danigelis worked as a hotel housekeeper for 50 years when she received one of the most devastating news she’d ever heard. She was let go from the job she loved and committed herself to most of her life.

“I’d never taken a day off work. I’d never been lazy,” the 75-year-old stated. The single mom of two even had to miss her sister’s funeral years ago because no one could cover her shift.

Devastated, she phoned her son, Sian-Pierre Regis, who was living in Paris as a filmmaker at the time.

“I just got fired, just want you to know that. Call me. Bye,” were the heart-wrenching words she left on his voicemail.

When Regis heard her message, he immediately knew his mother wasn’t taking the news too well. He knew he had to do something to lift up her spirit. “My mom’s morale was down. It was really affecting her,” he recalled.

Regis knew that it was time for his mom to realize her bucket list. So they decided that now is the time they start checking things off.

And just like how his mom sacrificed her aspirations for him and his brother growing up to make ends meet, he put a pause on his own career to make them finally come true for her.

Danigelis’ bucket list consisted of: joining Instagram and touring several countries. And learning to dance hip-hop.

One item on that list bore so much weight that it left both mom and son very emotional. It was to visit Danigelis’ sister’s grave for the first time.

Regis documented all their adventures in the hopes of creating a memoir for his mother. They have plans of turning it into a movie called Duty Free. A campaign to fund the production had just been launched.

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