Dad Hits Back After Being Called A “Dirty Old Man” When Changing His Newborn Daughter In Parents Room

Parents across the web have reacted in anger today after a dad shared his shocking experience of being “shamed” for changing his newborn.

Damien Leeson, from Australia, is the proud dad of seven-week-old Harper and was out with her in a local mall last weekend when the infant needed a change and a feed.


The doting dad whisked Harper off the a changing room, proceeding to change her nappy and feed her from a bottle.

But Damien was shocked and hurt when a woman walked in, saw what he was doing, and called him “disgusting”.

“I got into the parents’ room, gave her a change and started feeding her, when a mother walked in with her son,” he recalled.


“She looked at me and said, ‘That’s disgusting to see a full-grown man in a parents’ room with a little girl’, and said that I’m a ‘dirty old b*****d’.”

The woman left the room afterwards, but she hadn’t finished her tirade of abuse.

“As she walked out, she said to her friend, ‘There’s a dirty old man in the parents’ room’, and the friend replied, ‘Yeah, that’s f***ed up’,” continued Damien.


Damien said he was horrified by the experience, as was his wife, and took to Facebook to share what happened.

“I was doing the right thing,” said Damien, describing the incident as “disturbing”.

The post struck a chord with many fathers, who contacted Damien to share similar situations they’ve experienced.

“It’s called a parents room, not a mother’s room!” wrote one mom, “Bet those women who complained were the type of women who also complain that men don’t help out with parenting enough!”


“Had the same experience 11 years ago,” wrote one dad, “I was a stay-at-home dad, and the looks and comments I got from women who said a man shouldn’t be changing his daughter were disgraceful.”

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