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Eating These Gummy Bears Can Give You A Tan!

This summer, you don't have to stay out in the sun all day long just to get a tan. You can say goodbye to expensive spray tans and tanning beds too!

UTan & Tone

If you have a sweet tooth and love getting that bronze summery look, then this would be the sweetest way to fulfill that sugar craving. These gummy bears claim to give you a tan with or without the sun!

The gummies are available at Superdrug but you can also get them from the manufacturer's official website. Company UTan & Tone developed the food supplement which you can suck on until fully dissolved or chewed thoroughly before swallowing.

It's recommended to start using the gummies two to three weeks before spending time out in the sun for better results.

So how does it work? The Tan Gummies will give you that tan from the inside out by providing the right mix of vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients which gives you that sun-kissed glow that you want.

If you think it can't get any better than that, then you're in for a shock! They're gluten free and vegan-friendly!

We’re so excited to finally launch these🙊Developed by healthcare professionals: #TanGummies Available now via bio on Introductory offer in-store & online @superdrugloves. Vegan friendly. Gluten Free. Juicy raspberry flavoured gummy bears🐻 Under 9 calories per 🐻 Packed with natural, tried & tested traditional tanning ingredients. Mixed carotenoids; plant extracts; vitamins; minerals & supplements to enhance the tanning process with and without sun 🙀☀️Pale skins will see a bronze hue develop ALL YEAR ROUND. ➕amazing tan acceleration benefits with any sun/uv exposure. #TanningRevolution #Superdrug #PatentPending #UTanAndTone For more info read description via bio link & refer to our story for full nutritional info. With any sun exposure an SPF is recommended. Tan Gummies are delicious but do not exceed the stated recommended dosage. ☀️ How do they work? ☀️ They contain a mixed blend of carotenoids (organic pigments that protect plants from sun damage & give them colour). When taken in a high enough doses (purely vegetable based) this can result in storing in the skin, for a healthy looking golden hue to pale skins all year round. Also designed to accelerate & enhance a Sun/UV exposure tan with added tried & tested traditional tanning ingredients, found in most tanning supplements on the market today. As Tan Gummies are held in the buccal cavity for a considerable time, results are enhanced better than ever before, due to direct absorption through the cheek walls.

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The gummies are raspberry-flavored and there are 60 tan-tastic gummies per jar for only £18 or $25.

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